Tuesday, June 3, 2008



Yesterday, I had to announce that the Dubroom Message Baords were not where they are supposed to be, namely out there in Cyberspace and accesible for everyone. Yes, the boards are off-line and there is nothing I can do about it.

The reason is, that all the websites of the Message Board provider are offline. This scares me a little bit, because it could very well be that they ended their services without telling their customers. However, obviously I check 100 times a day to see if something is offline and the main website, www.xsorbit.com, was online for a minute or two so for now I also consider the possibility that the company hjas some major site issues.

It's not just a bad thing for all those people that like to visit and participate in the Message Boards, but also for me as I use the messageboard to create the right lay out for this weblog. A technical thing, but the fact that the board is offline increases the amount of work I have to do every do significanty.

Anyway, please pray with me that the boards will be online soon again. I'll keep you posted, and when there is no more forum I will obviously look into another possibility.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread


  1. Privately, I am kind of anticipating the idea that the messageboards will be permanently offline. Maybe it's my cynical approach...

    I have had more problems with the boards as they were offline for sometimes days but the provider was reachable. Now I cannot even write to them as they are off-line completely.

    I check www.xsorbit25.com which is also theirs, well,m that site is online but links to www.xsorbit.com which is offline. Yesterday, www.xsorbit.com was online for a minute or so, these are indications that everything will be online somewhere in the future.

    I will have to look into another messagebiard system if everything turns out to be what i fear or anticipate. Since my PHP adventure in 2004, when the Dubroom got hacked by a script kiddie who placed some kind of Islamic Propaganda thing on the site, I know that I shouldn't dive into the programming website business and rely on providers.

    Anyway, I just wanted to write this down. I truly hope the boards will be online soon, as I know that many people like to visit the Dubroom Message Boards, to post or just to read.

    One Love, Give Thanks,
    Messian Dread

  2. Greetings Messian Dread!
    bad thing for sure!

    Rosh, Gus, One Done, Rootsman, Raggamuffingirl, Jah Will Love, Trevor,
    Spannex and All,
    I hope to "see" them soon!

    Allways interresting the Message boards.

    Jah Blessings!

    Hope the situation will be fixed soon!

    Love of Christ!



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