Tuesday, June 3, 2008




This is the 2nd track of my album "Showcase".

This track is also in One Drop style. But much more traditional than the previous one. And much slower, too!

Starting with the vocal part, in which it becomes clear just who are the merchandize and in whose hands they are.

Throughout the whole track, there's some Dub mixing going on, but only after the singing is when the Dub really starts.

During this Dub, there's some toasting in a Rootsman Style.


The days are coming,
Yes the time is at hand
When all Jah people
Got to overstand

About false teachers
And the game that they play
How they sell JAH People
And the Gospel of Christ

They call themselves
Pastor, preacher or president
Your faith is their labour
You're merchandize in their hands

They are slave master
So Jah people take care
They are vampire
So Jah people beware

Beware of the vultures
The Christian industry
They imitate cultures
For the love of money

They say it's their mission
But it's their business I say
They claim it's their mission
For which you have to pay

But when read up my Bible
I don't see it like that
I read up the Scriptures
It's something different I get

And when I reason with them
They tell me all kinds of thing
And while they blame it on the system
They are working for it.


Yeah, you know...
When Yesus Kristos went to the market place
And when he went to the Temple Yard
He saw the same thing

And so He took a whip
And drove them out of the Temple Yard
and bring them right back
To the marketplace

Cause them sell out
the very Faith of the Faithful

And that is why we got to speak the truth
Speak it ever
Forward ever
And backward never.


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