Monday, April 19, 2010




WWW, April 19 2010 - A change in Dubroom Online, a deepening of (not only) my music as building the Dubroom Studio continues, indeed it's spring time and that causes me to write another personal update for those that might be interested.

I've been going through all kind of rather intense and crucial changes in my personal, spiritual and productional lifes lately. Lately, as in these last years that is.

A lot of projects which I started could not be worked on as I found myself being led by Jah to be doing other, more important things than the things I was working on. During this process, which I came to call "A Spiritual Journey Called Psalm 91", I've learned too much to mention on too many topics to list in this update.

In the mean time, I've arrived in the phase that I can now pick up these projects again. On top of updating the website, that is. However, I cannot spend the amount of time updating the site as frequently as I used to do. It consumes too much time when it comes to my other projects, building the Dubroom Studio being one of them.

The idea now is, that I'll make some kind of format wherein Dubroom Online will not be put out daily, but weekly. These publications obviously have to be in some kind of format similar to an electronic magazine and currently I'm thinking about several different features as well as the format in which they will be presented.

It's not easy: there's so much different topics and things covered by the Dubroom, and a weekly edition must contain a healthy doses of just about everything. In the same time, there's stuff that requires immediate attention, there's news which pops up and that can not be integrated in a weekly.

I do hope that turning from a daily into a weekly will provide me with the time that I truly need to build on the Dubroom Studio. I'm going to seriously study multi-track recording and on top of that I am looking to enhance my own sound as well by making a concept wherein the best of automation and live mixing is combined.

That's not easy either: usually I only study things which I kind of have to study because I have to do a thing. I've been mixing my music throughout the years, doing things in the studio and as everything just seemed to go just nice, I didn't really bother to check out the musical runnings when it comes to possibilities. These possibilities seem to be kind of endless: at least in my idea now.

Nuff things to do, with not so much time as I would like to have. It's all a matter of creating the right schedule, though. As spring is strongly there at this moment and I'm looking at trees becoming more and more green, I will just give thanks to the Creator for a new season with it's own fruits in it's time.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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